How My Bowel Movements Frequency Increased While Losing Belly Fat

Nutrition And Exercise While Losing My Belly Fat Has Increased My Bowel Movements Frequency

By Oscar Almeida
bowel movementsI wasn’t expecting to increase my bowel movements frequency while I was in the process of losing my belly fat.

I was concerned at first till I researched that this was a positive step forward in a healthy digestive system.



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 What Is My Normal Bowel Movements Frequency


Before I started my belly fat loss plan two months ago, my bowel movements frequency was three times a week. I’d say every two to two and a half days is when I had to release waste.


As I am writing this article, in the process of losing belly fat, my bowel movements frequency has increased to once a day everyday. On occasion, I have released waste twice in one day without any discomfort or strain.


I become very suspicious of this activity to where I had to research what was happening to me with the sudden change in my bowel movements. I thought something was wrong with me.


This is what I found out, although my bowel movements before I started my belly fat loss program two months ago was normal to some people, I was on the border where this would become a problem if my frequency was longer than once every four days.


Every person has a different frequency from two to three times a day to once every three days and this is considered normal. The problems start to arise if the frequencies are either four to five times per day or once every four to five days.



The Cause For The Increase Frequency Of My Bowel Movement


This is what happened to me, as I began eating nutritional foods like fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, the fiber content and all the nutrients began cleansing my digestive tract.


The digestive tract begins in my esophagus and ends at the anus ( for those who didn’t know). The stomach is the holding place where gastric acids can dissolve the solidity and prepare for the small intestines.


By the time the digested products leaves the twenty foot long small intestines extracting all the nutrients, the digested products enters the ten foot long large intestine called the colon. This final step extracts all the water and salt. Muscles contract, pushing the waste towards the anus for excretion.


Now in my opinion, after many years of eating fried food, processed foods, and all that other junk food caused my digestive system to work harder to digest. Fatty residue built up in my large intestine ( colon) that made it harder to pass waste and I’m sure other chain like reactions happened in my digestive tract.


Now that I am eating raw fruits and veggies with plenty of fiber and vitamins everyday for the last two months losing weight and getting rid of my belly fat, I unknowingly cleansed my digestive tract to where I am pooping daily.


This change has me feeling quickness, alertness, and I think my vision is getting clearer all by changing my lifestyle of living¬† nutritiously and healthy. One more subject I’d like to add is my manhood erection stamina has increased.


This is just a quick article to get the news out to all you people that are overweight that it is not to late to save your own life. Don’t wait for something to go wrong for you to decide to live healthy. I know weight loss is very hard and you have probably tried to lose weight many times before.


Just know this, Don’t let those perfectly fit people on the internet showing you how great there ABS are and how you can look like them with all this aerobics, pills, and shakes they are trying to sell you.


Don’t fall into to all the marketing hype, all you have to do is change your eating habits and add some daily activity like walking around the block a few times and your body will change right before your very eyes.


I hope you enjoyed my article about How My Bowel Movements Frequency Increased While Losing Belly Fat.


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Thank You,

By Oscar Almeida


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